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Sixfold Bioscience to collaborate with University College London on advanced therapies project

Updated: Mar 17

Sixfold Bioscience has been awarded funding from London Advanced Therapies, as part of the ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ scheme. The funding will support a collaborative project with Professor Stefan Howorka of University College London.

The project will combine Sixfold’s oligonucleotide delivery system with Prof. Stefan Howorka’s expertise in DNA-mediated transport across synthetic and cellular bilayer membranes.

The Collaborate to Innovate scheme is jointly funded by Research England and the European Research Development Fund, and is managed by MedCity, the life sciences cluster organisation for London and the Greater South East.This most recent round has focused on advanced therapies projects and is an initiative of London Advanced Therapies.

By promoting collaboration between academia and industry, The ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ funding scheme fosters a supportive environment to accelerate the development of innovations into commercial products and services.

It is the second such grant awarded to Sixfold by London Advanced Therapies, with the prior collaboration with the Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR) of Imperial College London already providing interesting output since its kick-off in November 2019.

It is hoped that this latest grant, in collaboration with Prof. Stefan Howorka will provide unique insights into the transport across membranes of Sixfold’s technology.

Importantly, the collaboration will be expediting the completion of Sixfold’s preclinical R&D program, which is focused on bringing safer and more effective Cell and Gene Therapeutics to patients.

Mechanisms of DNA nanopore insertion, clustering and membrane-reshaping identified in Prof Howorka’s study published in Birkholz et al, Nat Commun 9, 1521 (2018).

Sixfold Bioscience CEO and co-founder, Dr Zuzanna Brzosko, says:

“It is our first collaborative project with UCL’ Prof. Howorka. Applying their scientific approaches to our drug delivery technology will facilitate in-depth characterisation and optimisation of our systems. We look forward to the exciting results from this research for Sixfold and UCL.”

Prof. Howorka of UCL, says:

“I am excited to work with Sixfold, who have developed an innovative oligonucleotide system for drug delivery into cells. It is great to use our experience in DNA-mediated membrane transport to better understand how their systems cross the cellular bilayer.”

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