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Sixfold Bioscience Expands Lab Space at White City Innovation District As Part of Drive to Build Largest RNA Delivery Datasets

November 1, 2023

London, UK

LONDON, United Kingdom, November 01st, 2023 — Sixfold Bioscience, an AI-enabled biotechnology company developing unique and effective RNAi delivery solutions, has announced an expansion of its laboratory facilities in the heart of London's White City Innovation District. This expansion, which includes a new lab dedicated space for scaling up production capabilities, represents a strategic move aimed at accelerating the development of innovative RNA delivery systems.

The new laboratory facilities boast state-of-the-art RNA synthesis and analytical equipment, bolstered by automated wet lab capabilities, significantly enhancing Sixfold Bioscience's research and development.

The investment will further support the company’s ambition to build the largest in vivo datasets for RNA delivery systems. While traditional delivery systems have been hard to manufacture and characterize, the programmable nature of Sixfold’s Mergo® technology has given the company a compelling advantage, that they will further expand with the opening of the new lab.

“We believe one of the keys to finding better delivery systems resides in the ability to generate large amounts of in vivo relevant data. This requires a delivery system you can synthesize and engineer quickly and at relevant scale.” said Dr. Anna Perdrix Rosell, co-CEO of Sixfold Bioscience. “We are thrilled to unveil our expanded laboratory space at the Translation & Innovation Hub, enabling us to further increase the throughput of our Mergo® system screens.”

Visit from the Office for Life Sciences

On the 18th of September, Sixfold Bioscience hosted delegates in their new lab space from the Office for Life Sciences (OLS), a British Government unit, as part of their visit to Scale Space and the White City Innovation District. During the visit, discussions centered on the vital collaboration between the government and the private sector in positioning the United Kingdom as a global leader in the scale-up of life sciences innovations.

Grant support

Sixfold’s growth has been further supported by a recently announced grant, provided by Innovate UK’s Transforming Medicine Manufacturing programme:

“This support for collaboration across the UK medicines manufacturing landscape to develop innovative nucleic acid medicines will drive forward digitalisation and automation technology,” said Mark Talford, Deputy Challenge Director, Medicines Manufacturing at Innovate UK in a press release

The expansion of Sixfold Bioscience's lab space is a testament to the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of RNA delivery and enabling them to meet growing demand for their products.

Sixfold Bioscience hosted delegates in their new lab space from the Office for Life Sciences (OLS)

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Sixfold Biosciences is a biotechnology company solving one of the most critical challenges preventing the greater utilization of powerful RNA medicines: delivery. Sixfold’s solution takes evolution as inspiration, learning and mimicking how RNA is naturally delivered to different cell types in the body. Using advanced AI and Bayesian Optimization, Sixfold is learning the language that encodes RNA-shuttle interactions and destination selection, unlocking new cell types for treatment.

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