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Sixfold enters Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Newcastle University

September 7, 2020

London, United Kingdom

Sixfold Bioscience has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project with Newcastle University co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

During the two-year project the Associate, Sixfold and the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex Biosystems (ICOS) research group of Professor Krasnogor at Newcastle University will collaborate to develop innovative multi-disciplinary approaches to one of the biggest challenges in cell and gene therapies: drug delivery.

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By combining the latest developments in synthetic biology, DNA nanotechnology, machine intelligence and oligonucleotide chemistry, this strategic innovation project will expand the capabilities of Sixfold’s proprietary drug delivery system.

A section of the ICOS wet lab. The research group also has an automated Biofoundry and its own HPC facility.

Professor Krasnogor, Professor of Computing Science and Synthetic Biology at Newcastle University, says:

“We have been working with Sixfold Bioscience’s colleagues as part of our EPSRC programme grant “Synthetic Portabolomics” and the Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies award. This KTP will enable us to deepen our links into the strategic area of information delivery into living cells. My colleague Dr Emanuela Torelli, a rising star in DNA/RNA nanotechnology, and I are very much looking forward to this exciting new project”

As part of the project, comprehensive in vitro and in vivo testing will be used to validate the approaches developed during the course of the KTP. This data will ultimately contribute to Sixfold’s ongoing preclinical program, which is focused on developing safer and more effective gene therapeutics.

Sixfold Bioscience’s co-founder and Managing Director, Dr George Foot, says:

We’re extremely excited to begin working on this collaborative KTP project with Natalio’s group at Newcastle University. By working at the interface of synthetic biology, computer science and chemistry we hope to engineer structures that will expand the potential of gene therapeutics. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the incoming KTP Associate!”

The Associate will receive comprehensive training and opportunity to work in stimulating industrial and academic environments. It is anticipated that the project will commence in January 2021.



Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) link forward thinking companies with the UK's world class academics to deliver innovation projects led by inspired graduates. Today more than 800 companies, over 100 Knowledge Bases and more than 800 talented graduates/post grads are participating in these transformational collaborative partnerships, solving real world  challenges and creating innovation impact. Find out more at

Innovate UK

KTPs are funded by UKRI through Innovate UK with the support of co-funders, including the Scottish Funding Council, Welsh Government, Invest Northern Ireland, Defra and BEIS. Innovate UK manages the KTP programme and facilitates its delivery through a range of partners including the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Knowledge Bases and Businesses. Each partner plays a specific role in the support and delivery of the programme. Find out more at #KTP @KTN_KTP

* Sixfold Bioscience Ltd.

Sixfold Bioscience is a venture-backed preclinical-stage biotechnology company based at the Innovation and Translation Hub in White City, London. Sixfold develops nucleic acid-based drug delivery systems, with a current focus on Cell & Gene therapeutics. For more information, visit:

* Prof. Krasnogor

Natalio Krasnogor is a Professor of Computing Science and Synthetic Biology, co-directs Newcastle’s Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS - research group and is director of the Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy (CSBB - Krasnogor is PI in the EPSRC programme grant “Synthetic Portabolomics: Leading the way at the crossroads of the Digital and the Bio Economies” and has recently been awarded a 10 years Chair in Emerging Technology award (project "EnDROIDS") by the Royal Academy of Engineering, with Sixfold being a preferred industry partner in the project.

* Dr Emanuella Torelli

Emanuella Torelli is an expert in Biotechnology and DNA/RNA nanotechnology. She leads the ICOS group experimental DNA/RNA nanotechnology lab. Having performed world-leading research in Italy, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, she brings a uniquely international and interdisciplinary perspective to this project.

* Newcastle University

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