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Sixfold Bioscience to collaborate with Imperial College London on an advanced therapies project

Sixfold Bioscience, a biotechnology company focusing on the development of drug delivery systems for cell and gene therapeutics, has just been awarded funding from London Advanced Therapies, as part of the ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ scheme. The funding will support a collaborative project with the Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR) of Imperial College London.

Sixfold CEO Zuzanna Brzosko with ROAR’s Director - Prof. Mimi Hii and her team.

The Collaborative to Innovate scheme is funded by Research England and managed by MedCity, a cluster organisation that promotes life sciences in London and the greater south east.

The project will combine Sixfold’s Programmable Oligonucleotide Delivery System (PODS) with Prof Mimi Hii’s (ROAR) expertise in catalytic reactions and their applications in organic molecule synthesis. November 2019 marks the kick-off of this invaluable and exciting innovation project.

By promoting collaboration between academia and industry, MedCity’s ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ funding scheme fosters a supportive environment to accelerate the development of innovations into commercial products and services This most recent round has focused on advanced therapies projects and is an initiative of London Advanced Therapies.

Sixfold Bioscience CEO and co-founder, Dr Zuzanna Brzosko, who recently attended MedCity’s 5th Anniversary event which showcased their work since 2014, says:

It is a great pleasure for Sixfold to be an active member of the MedCity and the London Advanced Therapies networks given their important role in supporting, growing and interconnecting London and the greater south east of England’s world-leading hub for life sciences research, development and commercialization. We see immense value in employing a collaborative approach to our R&D efforts, with Sixfold having established several key relationships with top academic labs in London, the wider UK and globally, which are critical to our success as an innovative company.”

Deputy Mayor of London for Business, Rajesh Agrawal speaking at MedCity’s 5th Anniversary event

On the other side of the partnership in Sixfold’s grant project is the ROAR at Imperial College London. Conveniently co-located with Sixfold at White City’s Research and Innovation campus, it offers state-of-the-art facilities, focusing on data-centric research and implementation of computing and automation in chemical molecule synthesis. By enabling rapid execution and analysis of reactions, reaction efficiency, selectivity, and robustness are optimised. With the help of the ’Collaborate to Innovate’ funding, Sixfold’s collaboration with ROAR is aimed at leveraging ROAR's cutting-edge high-throughput capabilities to optimize the therapeutic efficacy of PODS platform technology.

Prof. Mimi Hii from ROAR, says:

“Supporting SMEs in the burgeoning UK’s biotech sector is an important mission for ROAR, and so we are delighted by the opportunity to collaborate with Sixfold. ROAR will provide state-of-the-art automated equipment to accelerate the synthesis of new molecular entities with greater biological efficacies, helping to stimulate the exciting early-stage discoveries that will lead into innovations and commercial processes.”

Crucially, the collaboration will be extremely valuable for expediting the completion of the pre-clinical development of Sixfold’s drug delivery technology.

Dr Brzosko says:

“We are excited to draw on the support of London Advanced Therapies, Research England and MedCity over the coming 12 months. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the leading researchers at Imperial College London and the ROAR facility. We are particularly grateful for the opportunity that this funding provides in terms of not only accelerating the completion of the pre-clinical development of our lead asset but also validating our platform’s potential in the broader Advanced Therapies market.”

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