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Sixfold Bioscience Joins Wellcome Leap R3 Funded Program to Boost RNA Readiness and Response

January 19, 2022

London, United Kingdom

Sixfold Bioscience, the RNA Architects, today announced their selection for the Wellcome Leap R3: RNA Readiness + Response Program.

Co-funded with CEPI, this global initiative includes leading organisations worldwide, forming an RNA biofoundry for increased access to diverse biologics and sustainable pandemic response.

The project will utilise Sixfold’s Mergo® platform as a differentiated approach to mRNA delivery, enabling improved stability, universality and manufacturability for a wide range of mRNA applications.

Sixfold’s Co-Founder and co-CEO, Dr Anna Perdrix Rosell, commented:

We’re delighted to have been selected to join the Wellcome Leap R3. It is a highly ambitious program to increase the pace of RNA development and manufacturing. The team are looking forward to expanding Sixfold’s mRNA capabilities further.

Sixfold is developing a novel approach to mRNA.


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Sixfold Bioscience


Sixfold Bioscience Ltd.

Sixfold Bioscience is a venture-backed preclinical-stage biotechnology company, founded in 2017, based at the Translation & Innovation Hub in White City, London. Sixfold develops programmable drug delivery systems, with a current focus on short interfering RNA for gene silencing and messenger RNA for gene expression.

Sixfold’s RNA delivery platform, Mergo®, was conceived by co-founders Dr Perdrix Rosell and Dr George Foot, who were left frustrated by current delivery systems that were either too toxic or faced complex engineering challenges. The Company’s differentiated approach is based on engineering biocompatible nano-architectures with precise chemical profiles that guide the RNA to selected organs.

Wellcome Leap

Wellcome Leap builds and executes bold, unconventional programs, funded at scale. Programs that aim to deliver breakthroughs in human health over 5 – 10 years. Founded by the Wellcome Trust in 2020 as a US nonprofit with initial funding of $300 million, Wellcome Leap programs target complex human health challenges with the goal of achieving breakthrough scientific and technological solutions. Operating at the intersection of life sciences and engineering, Wellcome Leap programs require best-in-class, multi-disciplinary, global teams assembled from universities, companies, and nonprofits working together to solve problems that they cannot solve alone. For more information on Wellcome Leap, please visit


CEPI is an innovative global partnership between public, private, philanthropic, and civil society organisations. CEPI works together to accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and enable equitable access to these vaccines for people during outbreaks. For more information, visit:

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