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A Day in the Life of a Sixfold Biologist

Updated: Mar 17

Hi, could you introduce yourself?

I’m Ben, and I’m a cell biologist at Sixfold. I come from a background in Pharmacology, which I did for my undergraduate degree at UCL. I then went on to do a PhD at the Institute of Neurology, using stem cells to create models of disease. I’ve joined Sixfold’s Biology team, and I’m looking to develop some in vitro cell-based assays to test the efficacy, safety and specificity of the nanoparticle technology that we’re developing here.

What does a typical day for you look like?

Every Monday, we start with a meeting of the R&D teams. During that meeting, we plan out what is going to be happening in the week going forward and what we’ve been doing in previous weeks. After that, we plan things that need to be done for that week. We work very closely between the teams, especially with the chemists. A typical day for me as a biologist would be some cell culture, preparing assays to test the delivery systems that we’ve got, running of PAGE gels, and any other things required of us throughout the day.

Why did you join Sixfold?

I didn’t really know much about the team until I joined, but I was looking to join somewhere with a really nice working environment, and that’s definitely the case here. My major draw to joining Sixfold was the interesting technology that’s being developed; I think it’s really driving forward to meet a currently unmet demand. There’s lots of exciting drugs coming out in the gene therapy field, but currently not a very good way to deliver them to where we need.

Is there anything you were concerned about before joining?

I was pleasantly surprised – what I was most nervous about, leaving academia and going into a more industrial setting, was losing the freedom of thought and being able to have my own ideas, but joining Sixfold has actually been the opposite. We’re encouraged to have our own thoughts and come up with new ideas about how we can improve the technology, and we’re not just sat at lab benches repeating assays over and over again.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?

It is the variety of work I enjoy – although I joined as a biologist, working so closely with the chemists, and even at times the computational team, I’ve managed to learn a lot of new techniques that I hadn’t in my previous lab. In addition to doing my job, it’s also really cool to continue to learn and develop myself.

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