At Sixfold we’re passionate about curing disease. 

Cancer treatments without side effects, the ability to reprogram any cell in the body, or even cure any genetic disease and disorder. The technology exists to do this - we just don’t know how to get it to the right place. That’s why we believe delivery is the biggest healthcare challenge. At Sixfold we’re building a new generation of hyper-precise molecules to deliver cures.


We are looking for curious, creative and passionate scientists like us determined to change the way disease is treated. If this resonates with you, see our open positions below:

Bioconjugation Chemist

Use conjugation chemistry to build the next generation of drug delivery

Cellular Biologist

In vitro and in vivo assay development for Cell and Gene Therapeutics

Student Placements

Learn on the job in a young and rapidly growing startup.

RNA Biochemist

Design and optimisation of Cell and Gene Therapeutics

RNA/DNA Nanostructures

Knowledge Transfer Associate at Sixfold and Newcastle University. Closes 16th September. 

Refer a Scientist for $100

If you know a scientist who could fill an open position at Sixfold, let us know and we will pay you $100 if they are hired.  

Alternatively, if you feel you would be a good fit for Sixfold but not for any open positions currently advertised, please contact us: careers[at]

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